Smell My Farts

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Marin

Growing up, my parents were very conservative and were afraid to discuss anything remotely sexual, nor anything that might be considered unpleasant about the human body. Bedroom and bathroom activities were strictly private and shameful. I myself have always been shy too, but I had a boyfriend in college that changed everything. I was sleeping over his place and accidentally farted in bed, and I was mortified. To my surprise, he immediately became hard as diamonds and began to rub me and sniff around my ass. Strange as I felt, I knew that this deeply shameful thing I learned to hide held some power and it turned me on as much as it did him. His fart fetish became my source of confidence and made me more rude and brazen about my bodily functions. I would love to see a scene that depicted the raw nasty intimacy of a soul emptying fart, and a man that appreciates it and is eager to sniff it up. This isn’t a domination thing, but more like a rude sassy attitude about letting off nasty, satisfying farts and talking filthy about it. It turns me on to see a man worship my filthy behavior, and reward me for it, instead of being shunned for indulging in my own scent.