Smart is sexy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

We see each other every week in the library. Same day, same time. Same small talk, same suggestions of books to read. But you and I both know there is much more interest brewing beneath the surface.

Today I watch as you take your place in the usual aisle, at the usual shelf. You choose a book to browse. I come up from behind and press against you. You know it's me and pretend nothing is happening. But you feel my hardness between your buttocks and push back to get me harder.

I reach in front of you and place my hand under your skirt. Your clit is already swollen and I massage it, while sticking my finger in your already moist vagina. I hear you start to moan, and hush you in a whisper: “Quiet in the library.”

With my free hand I release my very hard cock, raise the back of your skirt, and drive it into you. You stifle a scream and brace yourself against the shelf. With a few frantic thrusts I explode inside of you. You melt against me as you come. All without a sound.

I tidy myself and back away. You straighten your skirt and reopen your book. Our best meeting in the library yet.