Slower harder hotter fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Madscot

We had been secret lovers for a few months. It had to stay secret because we worked together and it would have been frowned upon by the powers that be. Opportunities to meet were few and far and while hurried moments of passion all added to the excitement, we both wanted more.
Finally we managed to arrange a few days holiday at the same time and I booked a cabin by a lake; beautiful views and an outdoor, log fired, hot tub. We travelled separately, she brought the food and I stocked up on wine. By the time I arrived she was already there, food in the oven, the fire was lit – imagine my delight when she answered the door dressed in black bra, panties and stockings. With barely a word she led me out front, kneeling down on the deck before undoing my jeans and cupping my balls in one hand while she slowly licked my cock to a hardness I wouldn’t have thought possible. Her fingertips stroked my anus before she slipped a finger inside my arse and began to gently fuck me. At he same time her lips and tongue sucked and swallowed every inch of my swollen penis. The combination of sensations was so intense that within minutes I exploded into her mouth, howling with pleasure. We both stripped naked before climbing into the hot tub where we gently washed each other, enjoying the contrast of warm water and cold air. The sight of her naked body and stiff, cold nipples was too much for me and we spent hours there; touching, kissing and fucking until we were both exhausted.