Slow and steady wins the race

A Sexual Fantasy

— By katana217

Now here's a contradiction.

Even though Speedy porn gets me off quick, and away from prying eyes (Don't ask), every so often, I get the chance to go a little slower, working my cock with a little more care and attention.

I begin with the shaft, taking 2 fingers and my thumb over it, shortish strokes, just to get hard. Once I'm a little more tumescent, I'll alternate between the head and the shaft. Lateral motions on the head, slow strokes on the shaft, smooth, unhurried.

Alas, all to soon the frenzy builds, and I must employ the full hand to tip me over the edge, and into a strong orgasm! And Crazy strong, the kind which even expels vocalisations from my lips.

The quick wank, my daily bread. The slower Gourmet Masturbate, my occasional treat. Sex, my blue-moon-rare fancy Banquet? Time will tell...