Slow Build-Up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cycling girl

I am travelling by bicycle across the country. I am in my mid-thirties and while I meet many nice people on the road, there are not many in my age range. Just once I met a cute guy at a campsite. He was setting up camp just beside me, being the only other cycle tourist around. We started chatting about our trip and the equipment, seeing that he had the same tent as me just bigger. We continued our conversation in the kitchen as to satisfy our ravishing hunger after a long day on the bike. I watched his reflection in the window, chopping his veggies. His slim, but muscled figure showing beneath his washed-out shirt, his curls slightly moving. I could feel small tingles in my groin area. A remark from his side made me guess that he's the same erotic blueprint as me. His calm and aloof manner made him appear shy and introvert. Nothing else happened between us, but I still fantasize about him. I imagine that after dinner, we continue our conversation at the nearby river. We get along really well, I can feel the sexual tension rising up. Being both of the energetic blueprint, we need the slow build-up, our imagination already on high speed while our bodies remain silent still. Unsure of how the other feels, no one takes a move. Finally, I start suggesting to take a dip in the river, it's a warm summer night after all. Teasing him, I start to undress and quickly jump into the water. He comes after me and after the first shock of the cold water, we start playing around, slowly getting closer, sometimes our limbs touching each other as we try not to drown. We get closer to the shore, to get stabilising ground below us. Then, finally, we kiss. First shyly, more a breath on our wet skin, looking into each other's eyes to get the consent and confirmation of the mutual feelings, then with more force, hungry now to explore the other one. I entangle my legs around him, pressing my body against his, feeling his increasing desire. Eventually, we leave the cold water and dry each other with our towels, kissing again, caressing our bodies. He invites me into his tent and the compact space forces us to snuggle up tightly. I run my fingers along his muscled arms and chest, he starts to kiss my neck and touches my boobs. He sucks my nipples now. Goosebumps form on my arms, a sigh escapes my mouth. Pressing my wet pussy against his hard legs, I start to dry hump while still passionately kissing him. My fingers are getting lost in his curls, his are starting to slowly wander down my body, touching firmly the whole of my vulva before one of his fingers eventually ventures further and finds the way into my wet temple. I moan now, not caring if anyone around us hears us. He dedicates a long time to my body and my pleasure, making sure I am fully aroused before he finally enters me. It feels so delicious! We take our time, enjoying the feeling of the other, before succumbing to the tiredness. Sweaty from the exercise, I fall asleep in his arms.