Slave Auction

A Sexual Fantasy

— By h.

One of my favorite fantasies is about being up for sale at a slave auction. Me and some other men are lined up on a stage, hands chained to poles behind our backs, completely nude, of course, and all of us hard. In front of us is a large crowd of women, leering and jeering, checking us out, making crude comments and discussing loudly whom to buy. The scenery is a hot and dusty marketplace in a Mediterranean or generally southern town, unspecifically historical. Some of the women are allowed on stage to check us out up close and fondle us however they want. Depending on how much I go into detail, there is a cute girl making the rounds to make sure we all stay hard, a female auctioneer advertising us to the crowd and commenting on the advantages and disadvantages of the different cocks on display, little metal tags with numbers dangling from our cocks... oh, and I like to give the women in the audience the faces of women I know... Usually I come way before anybody is actually sold – so I don’t really know what happens afterwards...