Skinny Love in the Woods

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Woodlandspirit

I am at a music festival in the northern woods of Wisconsin. The first show I see is a punk band. Everyone is in all black with jean jackets, and the concert-goers headbang to the discordant noise. The saxophone player wears sunglasses. After the show, the rain starts. My friends and I huddle under a tree when the punk band members join us, eating pizza. Soon, I am standing next to the saxophonist, his black button-up shirt unbuttoned to show pale muscles. I notice his eyes are piercing blue up close. After chatting, his hand rests against my dress. Fingering the edge of the skirt, he leans over and whispers if I want to sneak away into the woods to make out.

The trees are damp from the rain and vivid green. The music of Bon Iver reverberates through the woods. My back against the tree, his left hand around my waist, his right hand on the tree, his tongue enters my mouth, his hand slips under my dress, rubbing my clit against lace panties. He starts to kiss my neck and I feel him getting hard. He slips his fingers under the lace rubbing the clit. He removes his hand to grab my ass. I take off his shirt. He unbuttons my dress and unhooks my front clasp bra. Under the movement of his hand, my nipples get hard. He bends down to suck the right one. I bite his neck.

He gets on his knees to suck my clit. It's hard for me to breathe. Eventually, I pull him up to kiss me, as I fumble with his jeans. His fingers slide inside me. I pull on his erect penis with my left hand. He enters me.

Before we can come, we hear friends calling out to me. We scramble to get dressed and join them. He gets my number and I agree to come to his show when he comes to New York.