Skinny dip and surprises

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Martin

Years ago I discovered the beauty about going to the lake for a skinny dip. I always go the same lake near my town where there is also an official nude beach. Early June, I went again, took my clothes off to directly jump into the water. When I came back I wondered about all the singles and same gender couples. After a while I became perplexed. Those couples seemed not just to be friends. I walked around and realized that there was a virtual line with one side for the hetero- and one for the homosexuals. I couldn’t believe and asked google. This beach is a venue for the scene in my town! I was surprised and went back to my place. I hadn’t expected to end up in such a scene. I felt nervous and started to examine people. It seemed to be the most normal thing for them. People talked, were kidding, everyone was fine. A man caught my eyes and smiled to me. I think he had observed me and did realize, that I was new and that I was confused. I was at a loss for the right reaction and looked over the lake. But my curiosity was stronger and I dared to look at him. Our eyes caught and we needed to laugh. He had a nice body, not muscular, but in shape. The fact, that I realized, made me even more confused. I said to myself: “Hey, you are a straight boy!” I have never thought about enjoying a male’s body. All my sexual socialization was straight. Anyway, we didn’t stop smiling. I turned to look directly into his eyes. I began to enjoy it and examined his body from his toes to his face. My confusion climaxed realizing, that an arousal came over me I wasn’t able to control anymore. A few moments later I was fully aroused. He obviously had the same problem. I felt like under a dome. I gathered all my courage and grasped my hard cock. We both sat, playing with our hard dicks before we came back to seriousness. Neither I nor he dared to bring it to an end or come over and say hello. Who knows if we will see each other again? This day opened my eyes! The word “straight” now has a modified meaning, and the words bi- and homosexual a much bigger importance.