Sister Secrets

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Humanoid-bonobo

Everyone around me has always given me the most negative feelings about my sexuality and body. But instead, I have tried to help and inspire others by being positive and encouraging. My sister always had this curiosity and craving to help me wash my back in the bathroom when we were young. I would have loved it too. But it was shameful and guilty feelings that prevented me from letting her. I carried those feelings, until one day the knowledge I learned from books and other sources reminded me of the old memory. The next day I called her to the shower. I stood in front of her naked. She was happy and embarrassed at the same time! I took the initiative and took one step forward. I took her hand carefully and put it on my chest. Her increased pulse felt clear when I touched her body. She took off her clothes. Curiosity led us to become aware of the presence of our sexual feelings and bodies. The touch released our sexual excitement and brought us closer to each other. After a while, we began to masturbate against each other. We both enjoyed understanding and respecting each other at the same time. I felt so hot throughout my body when her familiar and soft hands moved on my shoulders in the shower. I sent her away with a smile and a kiss on her lips.