A Sexual Fantasy

— By hamiltsd

I was home from college for the summer after my freshman year, and I was at the community pool with my family. My sister introduced me to her friend who was a senior in high school and we hit it off. She invited me over to her house that night and I expected to just hang out. When I got there her parents invited me to stay for dinner and we had a nice time. I had given up hope that our connection was going to be steamy. Then I got up to leave. She whispered in my ear as I was leaving that I should wait outside until the lights went out and then climb the ladder on the side of the house up to her bedroom. I did, but I was nervous. I didn't want to take advantage of her and her parents were in the house. But I couldn't resist. Once in the room, she was naked and asked me to give her oral sex. As she was climaxing, we heard footsteps downstairs. So I hid under the bed. Once the coast was clear, I went to continue our romp, but she was done saying: "I just love college boys." I left down the ladder and realized as I left that it was her fantasy I helped her play out, not mine. And that was just fine with me!