Shoe salesman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

I'm a shoe salesman and I help a lot of beautiful woman find the right shoe for them. I like the journey of getting to know their interest such as color, open or closed toed, etc. Once I bring them the shoes, I get excited as they uncover their beautiful feet to try on the new pair cause I secretly have a foot fetish. My fantasy is that I'm assisting a beautiful customer and she finds me attractive so she asks me If I will help remove her shoes and put on the new ones. In between the transition, she asks me if I want to suck her feet... Of course I do, so I nod yes, and start sucking on her beautiful feet while I start masturbating. Then she puts on the sexy high heels I brought her and she starts giving me a footjob with them on. Rough yet pleasurable. Finally she's wearing nothing but the heels and we're fucking all over the shop until we both cum. She decides to buy the shoes. She gives me her old ones with the smell of her feet, to remember her by.