Shiva and Shakti

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Stalking Tiger

The yoga studio that I go to has a den area that people can use to just hang out and read, or do work, or whatever. Sometimes I sit on the couch there and meditate before or after class. Ever since I started doing that I've had this fantasy that one of the women there will notice me, be turned on by my strong, calm presence, and come over to try to distract me with her feminine charms. I can't see her of course, but I feel her there as she approaches, sits beside me, and places her hand on my knee. I feel the energy rising inside me, but I don't react. I just keep breathing. She then reaches up and touches my face, runs her hand down to my chest, leans in, kisses me. I let out a little groan of pleasure with my next exhale, but I don't move a muscle. I don't even kiss her back. She tries harder, straddling me now, kissing my neck, massaging my shoulders, pinching my nipples. My cock grows hard, but otherwise, I am motionless. She is now desperately trying to get me to react to her, she takes off her shirt and rubs her breasts on my face, strokes my cock through my pants, bites at my ear, all to no avail. She gets up, takes off her pants, kneels over me and begins to finger herself, moaning in my ear and gyrating wildly. Finally, she pulls my pants down to my crossed shins, puts my cock inside of her, and starts to ride. My breathing deepens, my pulse quickens, but I am still able to just sit there with closed eyes and not react, just breathing out all of the energy she is building inside of me. She fucks me harder, slaps my face, rakes her nails down my back, and finally comes in a deep, shuddering orgasm. Finally defeated, she dismounts and leaves me there, erect cock still out, eyes closed, and motionless.