She is opening lips with her tongue

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Christian.M.

I have a dream. I want my girl-friend to kiss, suck and fuck lesbian women. Any time, any place, any girl she wants.

No matter whether in lustful one-night stands or in torrid love affairs lasting for weeks and months, I want her to embrace all sorts of naughty pleasure whenever she’s with a girl. The dirtier, the better.

I don’t wish to be part of it. Neither do I want to watch nor do I want to have any connection with her lovers. Whether she’ll give me hints on her flirts and affairs or keep them secret and screw around behind my back, she may decide for herself. Both will turn me on, and make me extremely happy, too.
So, in my fantasy we meet at the train station for a quick coffee during one of my business trips passing through the town where she lives. She smiles openly and we don't need many words to know about our love and the family we’re about to build up. When we hug, she denies me a kiss on her lips, but opens her mouth instead. I close my eyes when she leaves a trace of her breath on my face and deeply inhale. The delicious scent of pussy on her face and fingers is overwhelming.
Clever bitch, I think, proudly, you just told me all I need to know. Right after our meeting, she’ll be back at her lover’s, whose lips she's just opened up with her tongue. She’ll joyfully pleasure her in the upcoming days without me, and get herself fucked. Pull her cunt into her face, sense the beauty of anal play or of skillful hands around her arms and hips. Embracing her female needs and desires, she'll also indulge in the life-affirming intimacy of luscious kisses, long tender strokes of her hair, and words of beauty whispered into her ears. Untamed by any taboos or boundaries, she'll reconnect with herself and act out her femininity to the full. Purely the way SHE needs it to be.
Back on the train, I lean back into the chair and get thrilled by the sensations of lesbianism she’s about to enjoy. While the landscape is rushing past me, I feel indescribably proud and happy, as we're truly making most of the one and only life we got.