She has the key

A Sexual Fantasy


My girlfriend and I were on holiday in Greece. We usually like to end the evening with a couple of cocktails. We were in an extra good mood that night and got a few extra cocktails. We started talking to two guys sitting at the table next to us - two friends travelling together. At some point, one of the guys called it a night and went back to the hotel. The other guy moved over to our table and we kept the party going. Eventually, the bar closed and we got kicked out. None of us were ready to call it a night and decided to invite him to our Airbnb, where we had some beer and wine in the fridge. When we arrived at the Airbnb, I noticed my girlfriend started touching him more and more and being a bit flirty with him. It turned me on, seeing her giving attention to another man and watching her showing the telgratl tale signs of getting aroused. Years ago, I had shared the fantasy of watching her having sex with another man - she wasn't sold on the idea at the time. Long story short - we started playing with a chastity cage as a compromise and we really both enjoyed it - me for getting teased, while she was getting all her needs pleased with oral sex, strap on etc. So much fun and excitement! Anyway... I preceded to get us some wine from the kitchen. As I was pouring us all a glass of rose wine, my girlfriend came into the kitchen and was noticeable aroused. She jumped straight to the case... "I want to fuck him". quickly followed by "Go to the bedroom and put on the chastity cage and meet us in the living room naked and give me the key.. and our wine". I didn't hesitate and quickly did what was asked. I entered the living room naked wearing the chastity cage, I went over and put the necklace with the key around her neck, as they were already half naked on the couch kissing. She had placed a chair right in front of them, I took a seat and watched them, as they got each other undressed. My girlfriend sucked his cock like it was candy, while my cock was throbbing in cage. As they started to fuck, she asked me over, and we started to make out, while he has pounding her hard. It was so hot! As he was about to come, she asked him to pull out and come in her mouth - something I very much enjoy doing myself - but she only allowed me to do occasionally. My cock was exploding in the cage. He exploded in enjoyment in her mouth. She played around with his cum in her mouth, teasing me to another level. She came over and kissed me in a hot and messy make out session. After some time, he went back to his hotel and she gave me the key and allowed me to come on her breasts! That was so hot! A night I will never forget!