She blew me during a Zoom meeting

A Sexual Fantasy

— By itsagastopia

I've been working from home ever since… you know… and there's this friend of mine who also have been working from home. Since we both live alone and work from home sometimes she comes to my place to work so we can be around each other during the day and chat, have coffee, lunch, and – of course – fuck.

One of these days I was in an important meeting, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear, camera and mic on, presenting some reports and forecasts to a bunch of other people from different areas of the company, mostly arguing, getting my point across. And she was sitting across the table facing me, working on her own things – we work in different companies. I noticed at some point she was looking at me with a naughty face. I don't know maybe something in the way I was conducting the meeting turned her on.

She started to touch my dick under the table with her foot. And I let her, while trying to concentrate on the meeting. Then suddenly she went under the table and went down on me. At this point in the meeting I was mostly just listening, mic off, so I just let her do her thing and enjoyed it while trying to not let it show to anyone in the meeting. At some point I took my phone, wrote "I wanna cum in your mouth" and showed her. She then promptly started sucking me harder and harder until I finally exploded in her mouth. I gotta say it was pretty challenging to hide from the people in the meeting that something was going on down there (and I'm not entirely sure I succeeded! haha), but it was probably the best orgasm I've ever had from a blowjob!

Now I feel I can never take a "normal" zoom meeting again.