Shaving Shower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By birk

Prince's song 'Controversy' is blasting through my speakers while I step into the shower. When I reached for the showergel I softly touch my penis. My balls tingle, making me want to touch myself. When I look down to see my dick getting harder in my hands, I knew I wasn't leaving the shower for a while.

I decide to shave my private parts before masturbating. I always choose to do this in the shower because it makes me incredible horny. The feeling of the shaving blades touching my erect phallus really turns me on. I massage the cream on my testicles and with my other hand I pulled the foreskin back and forth very... very slowly.

My dick became solid and very hard... which is a benefit if you want to shave your privates. I started with my balls, very carefully. With every shave I clean the blade and start over.

I can't even start to discribe the feeling I get doing this. As my balls are getting smoother and smoother I get so horny that I have to stop and.... masturbate.

The water and soap squeak as they are rubbed away between my hand and my dick... I love the sounds... I closed my eyes and imagined that my lady is stepping into the shower rubbing her soft titties against my chest. Kneeling down in front of me touching my penis with her hands and mouth....

My hands became her hands and I lean back against the wall in the shower... In my head I'm licking her hard nipples, touching her pussy, rubbing her clit...ooooh my god...

My hand... her hand is jerking me of very fast now as my dick pulsates madly. I keep jerking until I can't hold it anymore...

By the time Prince starts singing the final song, 'Jack U Off', I shoot out my warm sperm over my chest.... Dripping down to bounce off of my dick to the shower floor.