Shave / Wax / Lick !

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Juicy Beetroot

I wish there wouldn‘t be a pressure from parts of our society acting on us (especially on women), saying how much hair and where it is acceptable, everyone should decide that freely without getting judged by anyone. For many people shaving or waxing turns into something that has to get done, or has to be dealt with, and the beauty that lies in the process is totally lost.

To me shaving is the perfect most intimate foreplay. It is not just about the result but about the process. Every moment requires full concentration on one side, and full trust on the other. When I shave my girlfriend I will sit in front of her spread legs. I will apply the shaving cream with a shaving brush. I gently apply it all around her pussy and down her ass. Usually by then I can tell how horny she gets, just by watching her pussy opening, reveling the beautiful pink inside. Her breathing gets deeper . The act of shaving is like a beautiful torture for the both off us, as it can‘t be rushed, just like you can‘t see the night sky without passing twilight. No matter how hard i get, no matter how wet she gets. It takes time and skill to shave a pussy well. Dedication to the act, preciseness to get every little hair, and concentration not to cut that most tender, precious skin. To me there is no way more beautiful and more intimate of getting to know the pussy's intricacies. When I‘m done and we’re both satisfied, and even the last little hair is gone, I dive my face into her. My freshly shaved face on her freshly shaved pussy… Isn‘t there anything more soothing, than the saliva of someone you‘re lusting for ? Then and there I can taste more than just the pussy‘s flavor. I taste built up anticipation, lust, surrender and at last... relief.

I have a fantasy of getting waxed, which I have never been, because I don‘t just want to go somewhere and get it done. I want it to be intimate, I want the pain and the sweet relief, a perfect balance, my red raw skin to be soothed by the one lusting me, liking and sucking all the pain away...