A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

I had to get ready to go to work; I realized I had finished the shampoo; I could not show myself around in those conditions. I jumped to the supermarket and got the first shampoo I met on the shelves.

Here I am under the hot water of the shower with soapy hair. Suddenly, the smell of shampoo rushes me back in time. Summer of the 70s, empty town house for the holidays, me and my boyfriend in the shower. He, kneeling in front of me, has his hair still soapy and the light smoke of the steam makes the scent rise from his head to me. His mouth is on my cunt and he is awkwardly trying to lick me. I would love to come but he is not so good at moving his tongue. Only when he puts a finger in my ass and starts to spin, then my clit swells up to burst. I was inundated with hot flashes and perfume; and even now, under the shower of my house, I'm coming as it did not happen for some time. The work? I'll find an excuse.