Shakespeare's Pizza

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lhenrich

I took creative writing classes as an undergrad, and I always sat next to this very smart, handsome guy in the class. He (we'll call him Z) was from Texas originally, and I loved listening to him speak. Our professor held the last class at Shakespeare's Pizza, a popular pizza place/bar near campus, and bought our class a round of beers. A lot of us stayed long after the teacher left, drinking, including Z. We were drinking and flirting heavily and one thing led to another and we were kissing. We pushed our way into the ladies restroom (notably, a multi-stall facility), and I started sucking his cock. Eventually, we were kicked out, went back to my place and fucked. We continued sleeping together on and off for about a year, but then we went our separate ways. About four years ago, we randomly got in touch again. He's back in Texas, and I'm still in Missouri (and about to move to Washington). Now, I'm married and have two children, but we email on an almost daily basis, and he's become a best friend to me. Within the last couple of weeks, we found out that our Shakespeare's Pizza is being torn down (to be rebuilt, but still). We feel absolutely gutted. Please make my confession so that Z knows he has my heart.