Sexy Wrestlers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Magua

A woman gets turned on by watching professional wrestling. Her first sexual awakenings as a child came from watching masked Mexican wrestlers twist and tie each other up like pretzels. Wrestling was sex for her before she even knew what sex was. She is appalled by the cruelty of it. But her arousal increases in direct proportion to her level of dismay. The sorrier she feels for the loser, the harder her clitoris becomes and the harder she orgasms. As an adult she watches these vintage matches on Youtube with her boyfriend. She makes him wear a wrestling mask. She sits on the couch. He sits on the floor with the back of his head leaning against her hairy naked crotch. Her leg draped over his shoulder and one hand on the top of his head. She grinds against him as the match progresses. Her hands crawling all over his face. Owning it. Eventually she begins to wrap her legs around his head and grind more vigorously while squeezing at the same time. Eventually she turns his head around and buries his face in her. Her tongue waives around the outside of her mouth licking her lips. She grinds and squeezes and wiggles against him as the match progresses to a brutal climax. Never looking away from the screen. The loser of the match is forced into a painful submission as the bell rings. She cums all over his face. Afterwards, the headscissors she has trapped her boyfriend in becomes a loving leg embrace as he rests his head on her pelvis. Her face is the most important part. Her gaze. What turns me on the most is to see her brow wrinkled and mouth gaping in desperate lust and moral outrage. She gasps in response to a particularly brutal segment. I am obsessed with watching her watch. The camera focuses on her face as she nears climax. There are flashing images of the wrestlers like subliminal messages that increase in frequency as she gasps her way to orgasm. Heart racing. Eyes widening. Beads of sweat forming on her breasts. Nipples hard. Guilty.