Sexy Skateboarder Crush

A Sexual Fantasy

— By nipplenipplebangbang

I was living in Barcelona and wanted to get back into the skateboarding scene, and found a guy teaching private lessons and decided to take a few to get my feet wet again (turns out I got more than just my feet wet). Let's call him Jules (he was French and hearing a French accent in Spanish still makes me tingle). Jules and I would meet up as I developed an insane crush (not to use the word “obsession”). We would flirt during class, with exchanges such as
Jules: Ok, if you land this trick, you get a prize.
Me: Oh really? And what sort of prize might that be?
Jules: Guess you’ll have to just land it and find out…
And land tricks I did. I would practice furiously to try to impress him and I was spending all my discretionary income on these skate lessons. One day after a group class, all of us went out for beers. I grazed my leg against his – ever so lightly so it could easily be played off as an accident. He grazed back. Our legs were touching. At the end of the night, we maintained what I chose to interpret as meaningful eye contact for a second too long before the customary 2 kiss farewell. I went home to wring out my panties and touch myself furiously.
The following week after an especially flirtatious class, he asked what I was doing that night. He suggested that we go out dancing. I agreed, and he said in his oh so sexy accent “Vale, pero tendremos que bailar muy pegaditos.” I was like, uh, no problem on this end. So that night we had a few drinks, danced some salsa, and went back to his apartment. As soon as we stepped into the elevator, he pushed me against the mirrored wall and kissed me. We could barely make it through the door before ripping off each other’s clothes. We fucked and it was whatever, but I didn't care because I'd gotten what I'd been drooling over. The nail in the coffin for me came when we were laying there afterwards. I asked, “So when was the first time you thought about this possibility with me?” And his answer: “Tonight at the bar.” I got up, put on my clothes, and left. Fuck you too then, Jules.