Sexy Country Boss

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cherri_J-son

I am married and I have a huge crush on my married boss. He's a tall, tan, blue eyed, dark haired former marine. He's cocky and flirtatious. I can't help eyeing him at work when I walk by. Sometimes he notices. Then he starts teasing me. He tells me how he knows I want him, and he could satisfy me better than my husband. I just smile and get all quiet. What makes it even hotter is that I'm black and he's a real country boy. (Im severely sexually attracted to, and only ever had sex with, white guys). Being his assistant I often fantasise about being on my knees in his office pleasing him with my mouth, then being rewarded by being bent over his desk. I imagine him strong and rough. Not afraid to spank, or choke me. Too many times we've been going over paperwork and I zone out imagining sucking his sexy fingers. Usually after working an entire shift together I go home with sticky panties and I have to please myself off before my husband gets home.