Sex Work is Work: Part 2

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cam_Girl_4_Cam_Girls

I got into camming a while ago, after being obsessed with watching it for a really long time. There is something about watching a cam girl that is totally different from porn - apart from the obvious. I like the interaction, it feels like real sex. I feel like I could jut reach out and touch them, and when they look at the camera it's like they're looking straight at me. I try to achieve this when I cam.

My biggest fantasy is to have a private session with this one couple I've been watching. I find their chemistry so alluring - you can tell they are a real couple. I want to be able to communicate with them too, but I don't want them to see me. So when they are having sex, they are looking at the camera too, and it feels like they're looking at me. I want them to imagine what I look like - not knowing that I'm a cam girl myself. I want to know that they are in that room, giving me their undivided attention, and that they want to be there and enjoy it. I know it's a job for them, but I know from experience that with the right people it is mainly pleasure....