Sex Toy House Party

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ulken65

You know those typical Ann Summer's parties that girls have for their hen dos? Where the giggle at dildos and nipple stickies and pick out lingerie.

Well, one of my fantasies is coming home late after an evening out, banished from the house because my girlfriend was hosting one. I come home to find that that they haven't finished yet, and they've started trying out the sex toys for real. My girlfriend and four other girls are all lying around on the sofa and the floor using vibrators, double dildos, strap-ons. What a nice surprise that would be! Next thing I know, the girls wan't me to join in to help them test out the products. I end up getting penetrated in my ass with a strap-on while another girl rides my dick with a couple vibrator, and a third one is sitting over my head letting me eat out her soaking wet pussy. What a perfect night...