sex in a sunken boat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lilirin

This is one of my wild mornings, it is not a fantasy, it happened last summer. I'd been at a club all night, when the morning came, some friends and I went to a 7-11 store to buy some cava, I was feeling exited, the guy behind the counter looked sweet, so I asked him to show me the storage, we had a dirty quickie – with condoms from the store, I bought the cava, went out to my friends on a square, met some young guys - we all took a cab (with my bike in the back) to the beach. Sunshine. We ran out in the water in our underwear – bright daylight. One of the young guys grabbed me in the water and we had sex while kinda swimming. When done, his friend came swimming but said he'd found a half sunken boat, the first guy was exhausted buy I wanted to see it – we swam out there, it was gorgeous in a melancholic way, half under water. He caressed me, we lost our underwear in the water, we were inside the boat half under water, clear blue open sky, for hours, having the best sex I ever had. At one point I scratched my hand on a broken window, blood in the water, and sweat and juices, a little wired but like a dream. Suddenly his friend stood on the deck looking – "we thought you'd drowned!" he said "just come back when you're done – we bought more champagne!" Then he swam away. We laughed and finished slowly. When we came back to the shore the champagne was warm, the sun was setting and we heard some people talking about a rumor that somebody was getting it on in the sunken boat! It was a great day...