Sex is the Best Cardio

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Karlina

I love the testosterone-laden atmosphere of gym - one could call my addiction. To devote myself to each exercise, to feel the sweat trickling down my back. To be the only girl who really lifts weights instead of a smartphone for taking another selfie. Also, to drown in the admiration of others - whether it be because of my dedication or... simply because of my outfit that covers a lot, yet reveals each and every curve.

And I do like Him. Although I don't know much about Him, except that we work out mostly on the same times. That he is not some boring bodybuilder - he is probably a manager in mid-30s who happens to care about his health and beautiful body, and must be a smart and nice person. Sometimes, we both give each other useful workout tips or keep an eye on each other's posture. His tender voice and smile make me swoon.

Every time I secretly wish that we chatted, as friendly as we usually do, past the closing time and were locked inside by accident. But with the lights half-out, would I want to be let out? No - I want to get closer to Him, to look in His eyes with a feel look that suggests only one thing. To feel the heat while He touches me and my nipples that are already pointing through my shirt. I want to feel this raw lust burning my throat, to rip off his shirt and feel his sweaty skin in contact with mine. To kiss and grope each other’s bodies in wild abandon. To feel the bars of Swedish wall against my back while he has lifted me up in a sudden surge of strength, and we are entwined in heat, half-darkness, and malmstroem of pheromones. To ride Him on the press bench, for I am not some passive being and I know what I want - I want Him, so madly. I want to feel His force and Him to feel my all-consuming desire, to look in His eyes while our heartbeats are so deafening. To almost stick to His sweat-covered body that I hold in a strong embrace. To feel Him devouring me and my scent, a thousand love bites on my skin. The cold steel glistens, but we are on fire and more radiant. Wishing that the morning would never come.