Sensation of Seasons

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Autumn

I love the transition from summer to winter, as everything gets crisp and cold. You slide into bed and your sheets are cool against your body, gliding over you like sheets of glacial water.

I dream of a lover slowly taking off my soft sweater to reveal my breasts and watch as my nipples harden against the Autumn breeze coming from the window. My fantasy would be for him to press me against the sliding glass door as he fucks me. Moaning from the pleasure of feeling him inside me and the ice cold glass pressed against my breasts, bringing new sensations of pleasure.

Before I can come he pulls my hips away from the patio door and kneels down in front of me, licking me slowly and then faster as he prays at the alter of my pussy and I pray to mother nature that created these sensations of seasons, until I scream a name that isn't god's but is instead the man between my legs.