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A Sexual Fantasy

— By WallE16

I recently met a guy on Tinder. His first message was smart and charming and showed that he paid great attention to detail. We hit it off immediately, but as it turned out, we would be in different cities for about a month before we'd be close enough to meet.

At first, we did the usual getting to know you bit. He continued to be charming and funny and I was quickly smitten. After a day or so of constant Tinder text, we upped the ante to other avenues - Facebook to exchange links to articles and films, Whatsapp to continue chatting, and eventually we moved to Snapchat. Our flirtations became more and more suggestive, moving rapidly to erotic messages about how he would touch me, how I would kiss him, and how we would bring each other to orgasm. At first, we just exchanged words. Reading that he wanted to undress me slowly, kiss my neck, whisper dirty Arabic phrases into my ear - it was enough to keep me in constant heat. I was walking around in a perpetual state of hot, wet, aching anticipation. Eventually, brazenly, I asked him to show himself to me. I was not disappointed!

Each morning, I would wake at 4am - 9am for him - to an image of his rock hard cock, to a clip of him touching himself, telling me how badly he wanted me. And in exchange, I would send him a series of messages telling him exactly what I wanted to do to him, complete with images of my body and clips of me touching myself, moaning for him.

We've been at it for a month. I am crazy about him. And even though it's all happened from afar, I feel so close to him when I come for him. I will meet him this weekend. I can hardly control how badly I want him in the flesh, but I will always appreciate getting to know him over Snapchat.