Self-Love and Masturbation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bernd

On the occasion of Masturdate, I meditated a bit on self-love and masturbation. Self-love looks similar to narcissism, but it’s the exact opposite. Love is inseparable in itself. Self-love is the basis for the love of others, the environment, of God ... Narcissism strives for grandiosity and has a fear of imperfection that endangers grandiosity. The narcissist uses the body to feed his ego. Self-love means lightness and humor, joy in the characteristic and the imperfect and finds the perfection in the imperfect, the simple joy of your own body, to seeing and realizing yourself. My idea is for two films. One of a woman, one of a man loving oneself. The characters of the two may be quite different as male and female sexuality is different, just as the sexuality of each person is also very different. My idea of the plot is: Write yourself a love letter, then "find" it and read it. A voice from the off reads the text as the action unfolds. Maybe the handwritten text section appears in the corner of the picture. Playful sinking into caressing and enjoying the body, waking up and recognizing yourself like in "La journée des framboises" 13:20 - 13:56. Standing in front of a tall mirror, seeing the whole body, maybe with additional mirrors and/or cameras and screens to focus on parts of the body e.g., the back or the bottom, enjoying the image, the movements, looking into your eyes to realize yourself, smile at yourself. Joy and play with every part of the body, caressing and laughing at imperfections. Materials are as transparent and minimalistic as possible, made of glass, plexiglass, and crystal clear TPE (like fleshlight ICE). Cameras in many places. Transparent dildo/masturbator mounted directly on the tall mirror or at some distance. The joy of seeing oneself, the beauty of the body in all its forms. Enhancement by the sound of the breath and the skin (ASMR). With the increase of tension, excitement, and pleasure the movements get stronger and clearer, and the voice and breath get louder. The tone and type of images changes. Cuts and multi-image technique face, genitals, the whole body. Screaming like a roaring lion in orgasm with eyes open, looking yourself in the eye, seeing and realizing yourself. Image flashes e.g., black and red and/or slow motion and details. Afterward relaxation, possibly soundscape ..., caressing and enjoying the body, joy, and laughter.