Seduction of a Stranger on the Subway

A Sexual Fantasy

— By elleand

I imagine myself in a short skirt without underwear, boarding the subway behind a handsome stranger. We are pushed to the side of the train while others board and my back is turned to him, my ass is pressed against him. I look back flirtatiously but bashfully, giving him a "sorry not sorry for invading your personal space" look. He smiles nervously and I turn back around, feeling him swell behind me and fidget, trying to avoid letting me feel how aroused he is. More people get on the train and he's pushed into a newly empty seat whilst I'm still standing, facing away from him. I bend over slightly, giving him a brief glimpse under my skirt. I want to turn and see his face but I resist. At the next stop, a rush of people get on the train and I'm pushed and can't help but fall against him, settling awkwardly in his lab as there's no room to stand up. I immediately feel his hard on. I turn to him and apologize again, but this time, we hold intense eye contact. Flirting with him and teasing him had made me so wet and I wonder if he can feel the wet heat through his thin shorts. I roll my hips slightly, trying to gauge his reaction. He responds with a push from his hips, possibly involuntary, but absolutely positive. This continues for a while and I'm so turned on that my body is pulsing and our discrete grinding is growing more intense. I lean back to whisper in his ear, "I want to feel you inside me. Would you like that?" He looks shocked but full of lust and says, "God, yes." I wait a few moments until we pass back underground, anticipating the brief flash of darkness that will envelop the car. When it comes, I quickly reach under me, pull out his beautiful penis and plunge it deep inside me. We both let out a sigh of pleasure and relief, the sounds obscured by the train. The train is so full, we're able to continue. I put my bag on my lap and he reaches around and makes me cum. I bite my lip to stay quiet. At the next stop, he whispers that it's his and whispers a thank you in my ear and we somehow separate our bodies and part ways, both incredibly satisfied.