Scotch Egg

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pookie Adams

I am a straight girl, but I have to confess I love watching gay male porn! I'm tired of my girlfriends teasing me about it. If straight guys can get turned on by lesbian porn, then why shouldn't I be able to get off on gay porn? But the thing is I'm so into it that now I'm really curious about what it would be like to actually have sex with a gay man! I'm not a fag hag, I just like their aggressive, kinky sexuality. I often wonder what it's like inside men-only gay bars, like those sex clubs and fetish places I always hear about. My biggest fantasy lately is to go to a gay bar where they do really crazy sex stuff and participate in it! I'm thinking of buying some leather gear and going to a leather bar to have sex with a gay leather boy! Is that too weird?