Science Girlfriends

A Sexual Fantasy

— By rowdyholtzy

I (a woman) am at my best friends house. She’s a quirky and ambitious scientist with mechanical projects on display around her home. She’s working at her desk while I read on her couch. I walk over to her, then gently clutch her face and kiss her. She’s surprised, but then melts into the kiss. She wraps her hands around my back and I melt into her arms. Then I grab her hands, pushing them back up. Her voice is husky "I'm sorry, did you not want me to..?" “No no” I respond “I like being touched there, I just... I wanted to be more in control." I clutch her hips, gently pushing her onto her couch and straddling her. I slide my hand into her hair while drawing circles on her neck with my tongue. She moans as I kiss her jawline. I undo her overalls, sliding them off of her hips to reveal her colorful underwear. “Are those RAINBOW boxers?” I ask. She grins, shimmying her hips playfully. “They’re my getting lucky pants” I laugh out loud and say “That’s so gay”. “They’re incredibly gay” she agrees, sliding a hand into my hair and kissing me. Pulling back slightly, she winks. “And they worked.” I giggle and kiss her again. We gently, passionately make out. I take off my necklace and, with the delicate chain, trace small circles across her chest. I kiss her, moving my tongue in rhythm with my hands. I want to wake up every nerve in her body. Carefully unravel her mysteries and discover her body’s shapes and rules. She moans and clutches my arms. I gently bite her neck, continuing to caress her. She pulls my hips towards hers and I throw my necklace to the ground, so I can slide my fingers along her clit. I move my hand to match her hips rhythm. Our touches are gentle, passionate, loving. Her moans make me wet. She slides her hand to my clit and we cum together. Afterwards, we kiss softly as I melt next to her on the couch. We gently caress each others bodies and cuddle. We are in awe of the curves of each others’ bodies, the way sunlight dances on skin. We melt into each other, into comfort and warmth.