I saw her through the shower door

A Sexual Fantasy

— By swollen

I used to attend a gym that had a beautiful steam room. One day after a work out I was sitting in there releasing the tension in my muscles, and on the step below me was a beautiful woman. She had dark hair, and perfect curves. As we both sat there, naked, surrounded by warmth and steam, she would ever so slightly moan as her hand ran up and down her torso. Not touching anything in particular just up and down, between her breasts to her navel and back up. I was insanely turned on. I had to get out or I would do something inappropriate, so I left and got in one of the shower cubicles. It was a luxurious gym, so the bathrooms were very nice, and they had roomy showers with lovely rain shower heads and separate section with a bench to get dressed on. I escaped to my cubicle, ran the water, and I couldn't help but to touch myself. I imagined seeing the outline of her figure through the frosted shower door, pausing for a moment and then her entering. She dropped to her knees and pulled me to the bench where she began to devour me. We rubbed ourselves against each other, with our juices and the water creating a slippery, delicious mess. And then I came, shot back to reality, alone in my shower stall.
I think about her sometimes, and the sexiest moment that never happened.