satisfying a nymphomaniac

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wtf

It's Monday, I'm happy to be back at my desk, the last week was just too shivering with lust...

It started on Tuesday when I messaged a guy that I had fucked once before in his apartment just after I had smiled at him on the street. We have always had troubles meeting since he has a girlfriend and we both live in shared flats. I asked if I could just come to his office. He works in a really fancy office building in the finance district where I went Tuesday afternoon to suck his cock on his desk and then lie down on the conference table to be fucked hard and to finally bend over, stand on the toes of my right foot while he was holding my left leg and fucking me rough until he came.

Thursday I masturbated a lot and went out with a cute guy I had once met before for coffee and drinks. He was super tender and nice but greedy at the same time so I enjoyed some serious finger fucking in a club where we partied and later on nice rough fucking on his bedroom floor.

Still I needed more cock. So I invited a dumb, very masculine fitness dude over to my place for cocktails and a smoke. I didn't wear a bra. I was relieved to finally have such a hunk pounding my pussy who could fuck me hard for more than just a few minutes. His dick was so long and his shove so powerful I shouted out loud when he fucked me doggy style and I felt his dick pushing against my uterus. He came immediately from my shouting.

The desert to this delicious menu was a nice, very intelligent to the degree of an anti-social genius boy I have had a good intellectual connection with. He felt perfect. He touched me in a lovely way. He kept rubbing my clit, while shoving his beautiful long dick inside my dripping pussy. Unfortunately I was so horny to feel him inside of me that I didn't even suck his pretty cock.

I wanted to be a good girl this week and concentrate on work. But already this morning I masturbated again before going to the office.