Salvation, Sex and Sea Views

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lovekins

I walk into a Salvation Army store. There's a beautiful girl in front of me in line. She buys her item and walks outside. As I leave the shop she's standing being talked to by one of the local homeless people. I wander over to them and steal her from the conversation, ask if she wants to blaze with me. She says yes and we walk the short distance back to my beachside apartment. We toke a bit in the living room, before she asks me to leave so she can change. She wants to try on her new outfit from the charity shop, which she tells me she'll be wearing for her boyfriend later that day. I tell her to make herself at home and do whatever she wants. She starts to undress, but I catch a glimpse of her through the slightly open door. She knows I'm watching... She asks me while naked which outfit I thought was better. I stand up and walk to her, grab her and tell her she's much better in what she's wearing right now, nothing. She tells me she has a boyfriend again, but then kisses me passionately. She bends over and I fuck her, looking out across the beach.