Rub A Dub Dub

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RayRay

I’ve always had this fantasy of having a big jacuzzi bathtub right beside a floor to ceiling window or a giant window that opens up in my bathroom. And my next door neighbor, who is incredibly sexy and fit, notices me bathing, and at first looks away but can’t stop watching me. I know he sees me, but I put on a show for him. Touching my body, lathering all sexy. Then we make eye contact, and I smile make the “come here” motion with my finger as I mouth “come over.” So he comes into my house and into to my bathroom. He walks through the door, and stops and stares with a nervous smile. “Aren’t you going to join?” I ask him and take a sip of my glass of wine. . “Most people take baths without their clothes on.” So he takes his clothes off and gets in. I sit my wine down and poor him a glass. I hand it to him and as he is taking a sip I make my way over to him. I start lathering his body with soap in a very slow and sensual way. I start with his arms then his pecks and then down to his cock. I give him an intense hand job, and then I let him lather me. He rinses me off and He sucks on my breasts and rubs my clit and gives me an intense orgasm. After an intense orgasm, or two, we get out and wrap up in towels but still can’t keep our hands off each other, we start having oral sex then making love on my lounging chair in my bathroom.