Rooty Tooty Veg and Fruity

A Sexual Fantasy

— By rootytooty

Sometimes after my wife and I come home from grocery shopping together she will playfully pretend to use the produce as sex objects – pretending to jerk off the carrots or perform fellatio on the cucumbers. Well, one time, I would like her to go for and give a cuke the fuck of a lifetime – on the counter, bent over the sink and work herself into a lather. I dunno, would she peel it first? Maybe. And I’d want my kinky pleasure too – first I’d peel down a firm banana and give it my own rendition of a blow job. Wifey has always had a two-penis fantasy that we’d do together, I am hoping this would make her even hotter on the cuke. I’d like to feed the banana to her as the party continues. [this might be the weird part, but …] I fantasize about fucking the empty banana peel, like it was a masturbation sock – getting it good and warm and juicy inside and really fucking it. As we watch each other we just hotter until we both cum on our respective fruits and veggies – nothing like a whole food vegan cum fest.