My roommate's sex noises

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sexytrouble

When I was at university I lived with 3 other guys. One night one of them, Tom, brought home a really stunning girl he'd met on a night out. I was introduced to Anna and briefly chatted with the two of them before they headed upstairs to bed.

After falling a sleep, I was awoken a couple of hours later by Anna's loud moans and the sound of the bed creaking in the next room. Her moans were interspersed with demands that Tom take her harder and faster.

I was immediately turned on and my cock strained at my pyjamas. I slipped my hand down and began to stroke myself in time with Anna's moans and the noises of the bed. I continued stroking myself, getting closer and closer to coming when I heard her shout 'I'm so close, you're going to make me come!'. I came as she did, her moans quickening to the point of her loudly announcing she was coming. I tried to go back to sleep but they carried on for a while longer until Anna loudly came again.

I later found out from my housemate that Anna had totally taken control, riding him hard while rubbing her own clit and had even brought out a little pocket vibrator that she had in her bag.

I think I was right to get some enjoyment from being woken in the night.