My Roomie's Toy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Francesca

I need to confess.
I share a flat with a girl, lets call her Lisa. She’s pretty, single and likes to party hard - just like me. We get along great. But there’s a thing she doesn’t know, a secret she must never ever discover.

It was a day like any other, I came from the bathroom like every morning and discovered my phone battery was low, but I couldn’t find my charger.
So I went into Lisa’s room to borrow her’s. She had just left for university a few minutes ago and her room was a mess. But I found the charging cable on the small table next to her bed. I grabbed it and just wanted to go back to my room, when I saw that black vibrator between Lisa’s not made-up bedsheets.
Although I knew it was wrong and this was none of my business, I took it into my hands. It had quite an impressive size and it had fresh white marks of pussy juice all over it. Lisa’s juice. I don’t know why, but it turned me on. And I tried to resist, I really did. But I just had to stick out my tongue and lick on it. Then it got worse. I unwrapped my towel and got into Lisa’s bed, buck naked. I could still feel the rest of her body warmth and smell her perfume.
The vibrator started to hum monotonously when I switched it on. I spread my legs and slowly let Lisa’s toy penetrate my wet pussy. It made me come hard.
When I put it back where I found it, it still had marks of pussy juice on it. But this time it was mine.