The room number 369

A Sexual Fantasy

— By linchee

I'm a fashion photographer who's trying to make it for herself in the industry. As an intern of one of the most popular magazines on the market, I got invited to a party and snap some pictures there. It was held in the basement of one of the most expensive hotels in the city. I'm the type of person who always wears black but takes pictures always full of colours, I'm basically making everyone look pretty while not feeling to pretty myself. I hide behind my cam - my weapon.
So I went to the party wearing my black skinny jeans with a black tee, as I always do. I coloured my lips red as it was the only proof I don't want to be invisible over there. Red lipstick always attracts people's attention. Except of my beloved camera, I took this nerdy lover of mine, a guy I only hooked up with casually. It felt weird, like we were both crashing the party we didn't belong to. Amongst colourful and stylish people we looked like we have crashed someone's wedding wearing jeans. He felt awkward there, I could tell.
But the open bar helped us make it trough the night and dance like no one was watching. At the certain moment we decided to check if we could go on the roof to enjoy the view. When we were climbing up the emergency stairs, we discovered a hallway fully covered with plastic. They must have been doing some maintenance there. We found out the room doors were not even closed. We entered one of the rooms, number 369, with no particular interests in the number itself. He took my camera. He told me to strike a pose.
Standing on the other side of the lens I felt shy. At the beginning I was stiff but the idea of him taking the pictures of me was exciting. In this hotel room I sort of felt like a Nan Goldin's model, everything was so random but so hypnotising at the same time. I started undressing. He couldn't take pictures any longer. We had sex. After we slept there and sneaked out the next morning without being busted. The pictures taken that night are not sharp, they are not good. But the memories from the night in the room 369 are.