Rock Me Hard

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Vino

I'm obsessed with rock and metal bands. I love the way these front men have dark, deep voices and act real manly. My fantasy is that I'm working, at a venue, backstage. I keep walking back and forth, arranging stuff for the band and backstage crew. I don't see the current show, I only catch glimpses of guys with long hair on guitars and an aggressive front man, with a beard, tattoos, big, manly and with a deep voice. When the show's over I get called to his room to fetch him some food. Apparently I give him the wrong thing and he gets pissed. I expect him to be aggressive but instead he walks over to me, pins me to the wall, says he's seen me before here and wants me badly. Surprised, I say "yes please" and that's when he hastily removes my clothes, kisses me all over, leans me over the couch and has rough, passionate sex with me.