Rock, blues, bourbon and sweat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By AcidBurn

I had just moved to London when an old friend told me that his band were going to have their album launch concert/party here in London, and it was perfect timing since I was starting to feel homesick. I always loved watching him sing live; his sexy raspy voice, his tattoos, his gyrating hips and the fact that he'd always end up shirtless always got me aroused. I couldn't help but dance and singalong when he sang the blues, and he never failed noticing me in the crowd, mostly because he loved staring at my tits, that I would unashamedly be showing off for his viewing pleasure. When the concert had ended I could feel that all the blood in my body had rushed to my vagina hence I was extremely turned on and wet, so I went to the bathroom to wash my face, clear my head and re-apply my signature red lipstick. I had applied a single coat on when I felt hot breathe on my neck, I was about to turn around when he started kissing my neck and I knew that it was him. We had never hooked up before, and the built up sexual frustration of two years was exploding in a bathroom of a bar. He hiked up my little black dress and lowered my stockings, he released my breasts from my bra and bent me forward. I grabbed onto the sink as he started thrusting into me as we watched ourselves fucking in the mirror in front of us. He grunted and I moaned as we listened to the music, hustle and bustle coming from the bar and people on the other side of the bathroom door, knowing that anyone passing by could hear us and we loved it. It got very intense when he started playing with my clitoris as he was fucking me that I felt like I was almost going to break the sink when I came, and shortly after he came with a glorious grunt and he bit my shoulder. At this point I turned around and gave him a big kiss, we cleaned ourselves off and rejoined the party. We never actually talked about our hook up, we only smirked at the bite mark, but it was the best sex I could have asked for. A night of Rock, blues, bourbon and sweat.