Rirakkusu in Shinagawa

A Sexual Fantasy


The chamber was aromatic and I was shivering as a smooth gel was being applied on me. Someone whispered in my ears “Rirakkusu” which means "relax". Suddenly an undertaker bell rang and then it was pure silence. I was blindfolded, lying on a Rexene mat and just wearing thin cotton pants. I became little impatient and started trying to understand what was going to happen next. I had been to Japan couple of times. However, this was the first time I had decided to explore this, just out of curiosity, while roaming through a busy market in Shinagawa.

I can recall that few minutes before I had had to fill up a preference form where I have checked almost all the options, the “Add-ons” with this “platinum Kinbaku Nuru Super Session – All female therapists” package.

Suddenly the spa room began to live up to my expectations with Tabla instrumental music and I could understand that I was being tied over-arm very quickly by soft and cold cotton tubes. I never had this experience so I was little thrilled but nervous as well. In a while the blindfold was removed from my eyes slowly. I could see 5 Japanese grannies around me under a spot light, all were smiling and bending down slowly. I felt too shy to keep my eyes open.

For the next 45 minutes, I laughed like mad, reached my orgasm again and again. It was so nourishing to be taken through every single part of my feelings. Especially when my nipples were sucked with such care until they got harder and harder. When my ears, my neck, my armpits, my navel, my thighs were touched with such unconditional love. When those placid fingers and thick tongues were playing with my bushy pussy and ass with so much attention, when I felt the sensation of tickling and failed to resist. It was a new sensation to understand every inch of my body throughout every single moment. I became so greedy I didn't to stop it. At the end we went to the tub surrounded by candles and full of milk and roses. What a “Rirakkusu”. Tokyo, I will come back soon.