Riding with the Stable Boy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cayle

I've always loved the idea of the horseback rider and the stable boy. My fantasy always starts on a hot summers day out riding. I'm wearing tight leggings, a sports bra and knee-high boots. As I take the horse back to his stable, crop in hand, the gorgeous stable boy comes out in a tight, white t-shirt dripping in sweat and his hair all disheveled. Sex is a lot more passionate after you've been teased so he winks at me as I start to put my horse away and flick my hair. I bend over right in front of him, knowing he can’t help but stare. He runs his hand through his hair and around his neck, showing off his strong biceps. As we walk out of the stable I tap his ass with my crop as if to gesture what's about to happen. There are hay bales outside the barn doors. He takes his top off and sits down. I walk over to him and straddle him, legs rapped around his waist. We stare into each others eyes. We're both already so sweaty and as he pulls me closer to his body we kiss passionately, pushing up against each other. We start feeling each other all over. He takes my bra off and kisses my breasts, teasing me with his soft lips and tongue. Foreplay is a must. I push him back onto the hay bale holding his hands above his head. We're still kissing as I reach down and start to undo his jeans, going down his body, feeling his beautiful abs. I take him in my mouth and slowly go down on him, taking in every inch of him. He flips me onto the hay bale and, without hesitation, passionately sticks his tongue into my vagina. He takes my nipples in his fingers and pulls at them, making them hard. He sucks on my nipples and puts two fingers inside me, making me gasp and writhe under his touch. He stands and pulls me to the edge of the hay bale and slowly edges his hard penis inside me, grasping onto my ankles. I grab him and pull him down, climbing on top of him and riding him harder than I’ve ever ridden before. He grabs my waist, pulling himself deeper inside me before we climax together, covered in sweat and hay.