Ride The Bus

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lamora

I’ve always had the fantasy of getting rubbed and fucked by a stranger on a bus. I’ve traveled greyhound to New York from South Dakota once. I had fantasies of sitting next to a stranger(dudes or chicks) on the bus. We would chit chat and get to know each other and maybe share our snacks together, but later that evening in the darkness of the bus ride, this stranger would slowly put their hands under my blanket and then my shirt and bra and eventually unzip my pants and feel my dripping wet pussy. This would go on for awhile until it led to him/her finger fucking me and eventually fucking me slowly while the bus rode on under my blanket. It’s hot because I want to scream and moan from the pleasure but I have to be quiet. One man notices us and starts jacking off to what he can sort a of hear and see. I reach across and stroke his dick while I go down on the stranger next to me. We eventually sandwich each other in the back of the bus.