Fuck Me Now!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wtf

I just became a happy single, wild and hunting for what my big city and tinder have to offer. But tinder sucks, honestly. One Sunday I woke up disappointing in a bed with a young man after sleeping next to him without a touch.

Returning home horny, I wrote to anyone who took my fancy on tinder. It was hopeless. Everybody was hungover or busy. One guy I had been texting with for a while who was looking for threesome partners replied, but only to tel me that he was exhausted from fucking in a threesome. After masturbating twice I went out for a walk. I put on heels and put condoms in my hand bag. My pussy still wet.

I kept texting the threesome guy. He was joking that I should just hook up with any man on the street now. At some point I saw a tall guy with dark hair on a bike riding past me. I smiled a bit, looked into his eyes, and turned around. He also turned and decided to ride back towards me. He had a warm smile. He asked if I wanted to go for a drink. His studies and his job sounded interesting. He was smart, way too good looking and extremely kind. But I wasn't nervous. He said he just wanted to take his backpack to his apartment and send an email.

We went upstairs, into his room, I sat on his tiny sofa. He took my leg and put it over his. I made a dumb joke about me smelling like sweat from partying. He said he liked the smell. We kissed. He caressed my breasts, my legs. I stroked his neck and his promisingly sized dick. He fingered my very wet pussy. We undressed each other fast and stumbled into the bed where he put me on my belly and licked my pussy from behind.

Then this really kind and friendly guy started to fuck me hard from behind, holding my neck, stroking my breasts, squeezing my butt cheeks apart and slapping my ass. I was wild in lust!

He was 10 years and 20 days older than me and had a girlfriend. We didn't care. We went out again for a walk that ended in an art gallery where I sucked his dick again. Next time Mr Nice Guy wants to come on my face. Haha.