Respect the uniform

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lil

I’ve just started seeing someone- a marine. This morning he sent me a picture of him in uniform for the first time and it drive my mind crazy. In my fantasy, I imagine him being dressed in his uniform ready to go to work and me trying to touch him on his chest, moving his collar to gently tease him. But he stops me. Says I need to respect the uniform and says he can’t get it crinkled or messy before going to work. So I start slowly taking off my tiny crop top, without a bra underneath. His jaw tightens and he tries to keep eye contact with me and be strict with himself. I get close to him but only barely press my body against his, just for a few seconds. I give him a real slow kiss on the lips while at the same time taking off my trousers and underwear with it. I’m naked. In front of him, a fully dressed marine. I slowly go to undo his belt but he moves my hand away and tells me I’m being disrespectful again. This time I go for his zipper and start real slowly unzipping while I say “why don’t you punish me then?” He abruptly grabs my hand that’s on his zipper, puts it behind my back and turns me around. He pushes me up against the wall, spreads my legs using his feet and starts takes out his cock through the undone zip and starts fucking me from behind with one hand putting just the right amount of pressure on my very bottom of my neck and the other his holding my hand behind my back still.