A Sexual Fantasy

— By thumbcuff

In my late teens I had a beautiful redheaded friend, and she had a beautiful redheaded friend, and on one summer afternoon they invited me to hang out. We drank gin, we giggled, one of the girls hid in a closet while the other kissed me. I slipped my hand beneath her shirt and played with her nipple. We giggled more. We let the other redhead out of the closet. I realize now they wanted a threesome but I was too young and innocent to know that people really did things like that, and too inexperienced to know how rare natural redheads were, and I let the moment slip away. I have always remembered it and fantasized about what would have happened had I kissed the other girl when we let her out of that closet. So that's my fantasy: a young guy, two natural redheads, and an amazing afternoon.