Red Red Red

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sna

Sometimes I give my wife the choice of 3 scenes I would like to play.

After a candlelight dinner, she got my menu and chose "Red Red Red", to my surprise.

After a shower she lay down at our dining room table and I slowly shaved her, smooth as silk, and washed her while playing to awake her lust... And it worked. I also painted her nails in burning red while enjoying myself giving her a "lustful wellness feeling". I then gave her a small trunk I had packed with a pair of red pumps with high heels, a long beautiful shiny red raincoat, black stockings and bra... and a shiny red garter belt. She had never worn that before and I was dying to see her. She went to her room, dressed up and put on some make up, did her hair, to become a desirable, sexy, dangerous lady of the night.

We drove in our car to a big supermarket that opens until late. I walked in first and she followed a bit later. She walked around and I followed her, observing other men devouring her with the eyes. She opened her coat a little at a discreet place so I could see she had no panties on... I was burning inside. She put a finger in my mouth, dripping of her vaginal juice. I slowly licked it and tasted her pussy on her finger. She slided into a dressing room and left the curtain half opened so that I could see her playing with herself while looking at me through the mirror. We left and then drove to the forrest where others where taking an evening walk. We went hand by hand and when no one was in sight she opened her red raincoat and let me play with her silky pussy. High heels were changed to red rubber boots which gave the outfit a new naughty touch. I dragged her further into the woods and pressed her towards a tree. I held her tight while fingering her into an orgasm, then she almost fainted in my arms.

We drove home through the forrest and at an isolated parking spot I took her out of the car and laid her over the hood of the car. I licked her, she was open again, and took her hard and rough on the hood while she just whore her garter belt, her stockings and her bra.