A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

Her well-groomed hands run along the handle of the meat mallet which enlarges the large red slice lying on the marble of the table. Her face is lit for the movement and excitement of the recipe.

Her fingernails, lacquered in red, now peel long green onions; they peel sensual hard-boiled eggs too.

She carefully spreads a layer of fat salami on the broadened slice of meat and place the eggs and the heart of the onions on it; next to these she puts thin strips of smelling stall cheese.

Now she wraps the slice so filled and under her fingers takes shape a swollen polpettone.

Sighing louder and louder, she wraps the meat in the kitchen string and, at every turn of this, the sigh becomes panting.

The time has come to tie the net: here we are.

She with the skilful quick fingers creates a knot and squeezes, squeezes and tightens.

The knot is made. The meat is ready for cooking.

I take out my dripping dick out of her vagina. She takes the pan and goes to the oven. I see a thin thread of my sperm dripping between her thighs.